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BAI-F0 Concept Art by Utakoloid BAI-F0 Concept Art by Utakoloid
Happy Canary Day! Happy Birthdayyyy Bai! :D
Cover of Night of Desire and new VB release here ~~…

Since Bai didn't have a propper concept art before, people used to use this picture of him/her as a reference… , so we can say this is a remake of that pic, only that made into the style of the other guys concept arts xD
It has been a whole Year, my baby goats grows so fast ;-;

As with the other guys I changed a little Bai's design, and now his/her shirt is black, so he/she has something black like all the others |D
Bai felt left appart ;-; (?)

BAI's info~~

Gender: Male/Female

Species: Goat

Nationality: African/Japanese

Age: 2

Height: 121'21cm

Weight: 47Kg

Likes: Gofio, playing with toys, milk, cheese, plants, flowers, paper, presents and gifts, honey

Dislikes: Meat, Violence, blood, selfish people, Megurine Luka

Personality: Bai is just an inocent goat boy/girl that loves playing and having fun, he/she hates people fighting and doesn't like violence. Sometimes even him/self gets confused about his/her gender.

I hope you like it~~
Download the renders here:…

About the art, I made some mistakes in the coloring I think, I dunno it just looks dull and weird to me at times, the same way that it happened to exelle -@ I think is mostly the clothes shading, I'm too used to do tight clothes so this kind of clothes get harder to me xD Also the face looks crappy |D

but anyway, I hope you enjoy it! :D
BAI-F0 belongs to :iconmania211: and I :iconutakoloid:
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titanshifter1 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
So cute. Her voice is cute ^ ^
the-electric-mage Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
ahhhh. Bai is adorable!!!! >v<
YukitoYuki Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Student General Artist
V--R Featured By Owner May 30, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Are you going to make a concept art for his other outfit as well?
Blushily Featured By Owner May 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Super adorable *7*
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May 30, 2014
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