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Happy Birthday~!! by Utakoloid
Happy Birthday~!!
Hatsune Miku and my own WALTT's birth date, this day can't get anymore special :D
I told you I had another birthday picture and this is it!

WALTT and Miku are birthday buddies and I've always wanted to do something for them together, and this is what I did, I hope you are having the best birthday ever guys <3 

The pose sucks and the BG ruins the whole picture as always, you know I've never been able to do decent BGs :'D
Also still can't do human, poor Miku :(
I gave Miku thick legs, I'm a monster >:U

Anyway's that's it for now, happy birthday to Miku and Waltt and hope to be here to see you have many more birthdays! :D

Hatsune Miku belongs to Crypton Future Media~
Sugarvine (HBD WALTT!!) by Utakoloid
Sugarvine (HBD WALTT!!)
Whoop Whoop…
It's Waltt's birthday so you have to listen to the cover because it's special :Y

Ahh, sorry, long time no cover, I was taking this little break from art and was also on holidays, also I'm a bit more active on furaffinity because of comissions there so, but I'm back for Waltt's bday!

Not the best come back for my lil big guy I know, I did terrible on the picture composition, its all just way too crammed into one single thing and it will make your eyes bleed, I'm really sorry :(
Can I just say it's really hard to do perspective objects on a 2D picture? yeah I don't know what the fuck happened to the tablem I can't do backgrounds

Anyways, hope you enjoy the cover guys! Is not much that I have to give, I'm a slow artist so couldn't get much more to do, but there's another art for Waltt's birthday ready, but you won't get it until late tonight <3
hope to see you then~
The Train Bear by Utakoloid
The Train Bear
I'm currently on holidays in Scotland (main reason I haven't drawn this month at all) and decided to make me a character to remember my very first time traveling, say hi to Harley the Train Bear :heart:

He is based on a teddy bear I found on a train store, I basically made it a big muscle bear man, you are welcome ᶘ ͡¬ᴥ͡¬ᶅ
it was a nice to try something else, never done a bear so it was fun to do it xD

I'm sorry it looks crap, couldn't be bothered lining and just made it sketchy stile, also I haven't drawn in a month, I'm quite rusty :/
First time ever at attempting to draw a fat character too, still trying to understand how this body type works, so I'm sorry it looks quite bad :(

And shitty background that ruins everything as usual, bad things never change ʕóᴥòʔ

tried to use textures, don't kill me, I tried

I hope I can get back to drawing soon, I'm currently at Gran678's house, I'll be home in about 5 days, but then I need to get ready for my exams on September, I'll never finish the art for cover I made like 2 months ago now ; - ;

Anyways I hope you like Harley, probably won't do much with him, but it's nice to have a big bear character laying around, I think he is cute~

Art and character by me~
Foxtrot and Mace Badges by Utakoloid
Foxtrot and Mace Badges
Comission for :iconfoxtrot28: 
Two badges in the same sketch style as the Springtrap one I did some time ago~

I'm a bit rusty so they don't really look the best, but I hope you liked it still~
VOCALOID4 DxD by Utakoloid
Random fanart of the two new vocaloids that were announced not too long ago, I honestly love them both in both voice and design, and since they don't get much love I had to draw them, I'm really excited to see more songs using them, I loved the current demo songs :D

I really like the concept they are based of and feel like it fits pretty well with their designs, Daina's Ponytail-tail combination works quite well, and I'm just in love with Dex's palette, I can't say no to a dark yellow design xD
I also love how instead of the casual smiling vivid pose they look quite evil and mischievous, Dex just looks like an evil brain boy and Daina like an aggressive girl, I just love it :heart: 

I'm sorry it looks crap, I'm not too much into Kemonomimi and I quite don't get how it works (like, ears in top of the hair? what? xD), I really liked the original art and tried to keep them looking somewhat similar while drawing them in my style, what ended up turning into completely akward looking faces, but oh well D:
Also I such at humans and humans don't like me, so they always look bad, and sorry for the boring coloring and background, I was out of ideas xD

But I still hope everrybody out there loved them as much as I do :)

Dex and Daina belong to Zero-G, Design by Steel
Art by me

Now I'm going to rant a bit. so if you just came for the art feel free to keep browsing dA~

Okay, since these two were announced the reception from pretty much everyone has been beyond negative, people have complained about the designs and the ways they were announced, and while I don't share the same opinion with those people, if they didn't like them it's completely fine with me, people disliking new things is something that usually happens, and we all can agree that Dex and Daina are something completely new to the Vocaloid comunity.

But things lately have been going way too fat, the reactions some people have had have made me realize how disgusting this fandom can be. While I must admit Kenji did some mistakes during the stream and  did some comments that could have been offensive to people, he didn't do anything compared to what people are doing to him, lots of people have been hating on him and even laughing at him multiple times during these two days, and that's fucking sick, nobody deserves to be treated like that. I've been even suffering myself after reading some of those comments, it seriously hurts me people can be so cruel towards a person...

Please people, try to be nice, we shouldn't forget about other's feelings, making someone feel bad by mistake is nowhere near as bad as making someone suffer on purpose...
I'm sorry for sounding so childish, but even if this has nothing to do with me I wanted to share how I feel... sorry....
Well, yesterday was one of those days in my unlucky life where everything goes wrong, and between all the things that happened, while running to get to university I hit my chair, aaaaand it had to fall on my 3DS... so now I need to buy a new one... :'(

Apart from that I also got all my painting materials stolen, and I would want to replace my 3DS and my paintings as soon as possible, so I'm opening some quick color-sketch commissions like these:

Normal brush: Ura Mametchi!! by Utakoloid  Flat brush:Yuzuki Yukari - Terodotoxin Synthesizer No2 by UtakoloidSpringtrap by Utakoloid

I would charge 20€ for each, fully colored (cell shade) and with simple backgrounds like the first two (will also provide a full render if you want.)
Shoot me a note if you are interested, and I need the money ass soon as possible, so please only ask for one if you can pay within 1-2 weeks from now D:

I'm sorry for having to open fast commissions, I'm being really busy at university (Going from 8AM to 8PM, that hurts!) so I can't really work on proper vector ones, I'll be open for my normal vector commissions on summer, for now I can only do these ones :(

Anyways, I hope you guys want to help! 
If you have any questions just ask~

[EDIT: And sorry for not being answering comments and notes, I've been really busy, I'll get to answer those whenever I get some free time, eventually!]


Utakoloid's Profile Picture
Diego synthesizer
Artist | Student | Digital Art
I draw anime/manga and anthro/furry thingies
I'm not very good but I wish to improve UvU

I enjoy trying new things and styles, and I do comissions :3
but I'm a bit too slow ^^''

not much else to say ^^

VOCALOID stamp by DemireUTAU User Stamp by jocund-slumberHuman and Furry Equality Stamp by IxbranI Love Vocaloid Stamp by King-BlockMayus
Tabs Are Cool by In-The-ZoneShaymin Sky Forme Stamp by KevfinShaymin Stamp by KevfinTwo Pichus Stamp by NowellsStamps

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kind of wanted to show you this :D hope you like it! ive never drawn waltt so forgive me if anything is wrong
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How can I miss this place?
Your art and song is awesome!!!
I came here from the pet me song.XD
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I keep falling on love with your Art. (And WALTT.) Keep up the awesome job!
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Is it possible to suggest an idea you could use for your next song?
Utakoloid Featured By Owner May 4, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I already have plans but sure! Suggestions are always nice :)
stefalex1138 Featured By Owner May 4, 2015
Ok, thanks!
I was thinking that it might be a neat idea to do a song called Cat's Dance using one of WALTTs many voice banks. It is a vocaloid song, and you should get a hold of it on YouTube if you need a reference.
Just so you know, it's just a suggestion, so you don't have to do it if you don't want to.
icelucario Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your art work is so awesome, I coloring style and I can't wait to see your next work :D
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