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Status updates? dA why are you trying to become facebook? Cool anyway though |D
C'mere.... (Comission) by Utakoloid
C'mere.... (Comission)
full body comission for archaic1985 on FA

Full body art of Lynette, a really amazing lynx girl who belngs to archaic1985! I always wanted to draw a lynx, so I was delighted when I got this comission, the colours were really fun to do, however I couldn't get the background to have a really fitting colour...

This picture was really challenging for me, since I had never made a female posing before, I tried to make her look as sexy and femenine as possible, wich was hard since I mainly do males, so forgive me if she doesn't look the best xD

I'm sorry for not posting in a lot, I've been extremely busy with university so I couldn't get to work on any picture earlier, but I finished my projects now so I'm half-free yay :'D

I hope the comissioner likes it and hope you guys like it too!!
Her upload in here ->…
Art by me, Character by archaic1985
WALTT Concept Art by Utakoloid
WALTT Concept Art
Well, I think it was time for a new concept art already wasn't it?
Even if he already had an update to his original concept art, that update is now quite outdated, my style is a lot different now |D

And his future pack art's proportions sucked so he definetly needed a new art already xD


Well I added some new stuff to his design, in order to keep it a bit more interesting, if it was always the same it would be boring  right? Those minor details are not really important at all,  he is the same as before just I wanted his CA to look cooler, so don't be bothered by the changes please~

Well, about this new concept art, I have to say I'm really sorry the render is that small (less than 3000x2000), I did it in a smaller canvas without realizing :( But even if it's smaller I think it's a lot better than the older ones, the anatomy still has it's fails as always, no matter how I try I keep killing proportions, but I tried to mix the first and second concept art poses into 1, and I think it worked pretty well, Also tried to keep his Hero-like look from the second concept art in a way, I don't really know if it worked well or not xD

Also bigger bulge because it was requested, ye

Well, not much to say about it, hope you like the updated art!

Main Waltt Info

Name: Waltt
Age: 17 (18 for future events)
Species: Electric Wild Cat
Height: 182cm
Weight: 67Kg

Waltt is  a stray cat man who lives between the huge city streets, he wanders from a place to another since he doesn't have a set home, he loves having fun and does whatever he wants whenever he wants, he doesn't really worry about anything at all~

He is rude, swears a lot and is quite a pervert, but he is also a really friendly cat, and even if he makes people angry with his careless atittude, it's hard not to love him for being just who he is.


Hope you like it as always!

WALTT and Art by Utakoloid ~
WALTT - Palette by Utakoloid
WALTT - Palette
so have a cover of Palette with new VCV download:…

I'm sorry the picture looks SO dull, I just didn't know what to do as a background, my other attemps either looked too bright or something just looked wrong, so I just had to go for a foggy colour background TT-TT

Also it took me 3 FUCKIN DAYS TO SKETCH IT, YET THE PROPORTIONS LOOK WRONG, I think I'm becoming too old, my eyes no longer see as they used too ; - ;
Now I'm old enough to watch mature art legally tho, yaaay

Anyway, I'm sorry it looks crap... again =A=

BTW, I'm updating WALTT's concept art soon, it's half done, I'll probably post it by the end of next week, he needed a new full art already, his old one is too old and his future ones sucked xD

Well guys, I hope you like it as always!
HBD WALTT! Undead Enemy by Utakoloid
HBD WALTT! Undead Enemy
Omg I finally got to upload it, my laptop was like making it impossible...

Cover of Undead Enemy + New VCV download here!…
It's WALTTbitterVCV, finally released =w=

Now just one VCV to go, the problem is I don't have to record it ;-;

Anyway I alreaady talked in the video about the cover this is about the art so ye.
It looks dull, and the body looks really weird to me, also, I suck at masks don't judge me (?)

Maybe I used too much red? but like I love red... I should like use more colours, but since the original was all blue-ey, I made it all redy, it didn't turn too well but I dunno o~o

Also the back characters are Fire and Leaf Inus, other characters from the same project as Waltt xD

I hope you like it, Waltt's two years already and I'll make sure he will be much more, maybe I won't be able to make more VBs, but I'll never stop using him even if I have to keep using the same banks, I want him to stay with me as much as I can, and I hope you want him to stay here for many years more too :'D

Art and Characters by me
Yeah I have a wave of bad luck (yes, again) and certain things happened.

First of all, WALTTbitterVCV is gonna be delayed, till august the soonest, and for now, I'm having to cancel WALTTwetVCV, WALTTtalk and any upcoming VBs he could have gotten.

Why is this happening? The owners of my house left long and let my family use the house, I used to record in a noiseless room my VBs, but now the owners of the house are back, and I have nowhere to record...
I'm really depressed about this, I'm sorry, I had so many VBs I wanted to do... *cries*
I guess Waltt will be dead now unless they leave again :'(

And appart from that, regarding my art and comission, I will probably start taking a lot more to finish and upload my art, because I can't connect my two broken computers anymore.
The USB port of my laptop just broke, and the SD port of my computer broke long ago.
The problem here is that I usually do my art in both computers, since both are broken I can't do a whole art just in one, my computer doesn't open Photoshop.
And to do that I need to send the files from my computer to my laptop, and now I can't.

I usually use my computer to do most of work and my laptop to upload the pictures too, but now that I can't send files from my computer to the laptop I can't upload my stuff anymore unless I go to the library, and the library is some KMs away from where I live.

I would also need to go to the library to finish my pictures, because I would need to upload the files there and the download them to my laptop to use PS there...

ahhhh... I'm so screwed....
(Edit: Sorry for my bad english here, I hope you understand still)


Utakoloid's Profile Picture
Diego synthesizer
Artist | Student | Digital Art
I draw anime/manga and anthro/furry thingies
I'm not very good but I wish to improve UvU

I enjoy trying new things and styles, and I do comissions :3
but I'm a bit too slow ^^''

not much else to say ^^

VOCALOID stamp by DemireUTAU User Stamp by jocund-slumberHuman and Furry Equality Stamp by IxbranI Love Vocaloid Stamp by King-BlockMayus
Tabs Are Cool by In-The-ZoneShaymin Sky Forme Stamp by KevfinShaymin Stamp by KevfinTwo Pichus Stamp by NowellsStamps

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