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WALTT :iD remake: by Utakoloid
WALTT :iD remake:
Welp, I was going around my dA and saw thew picture I had as my iD, and my reaction was like ''ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww why the fuck did I upload that'' so I decided to remake it so I wouldn't be ashamed of myself, yup (?)

If anyone wants to see the old one is here…
I can't believe you guys said it looked okay back then, you are all liars *kills everyone* (?)

Anyway at last this one looks so much better than the previous one, even though is far from perfect (specially when it comes to colouring and hair, because they look really meh), and hopefully in another 2 years I'll look back at this picture and I'll find as disgusting as I find the previous one now |D

Also I tried the expression to be more manly on this one, cause grrrr (?)

Anyways guys I hope you like it *gets back to oto as alaways*
WALTT & Art by me~
Wani plush (HBD!!)
Happy birthday to Kenbi and Haru!!
:iconyuki-kain: :iconharu-shonta: :party:

I made a Wani plushie for you, I wanted to do a cover but I just didn't get to sound right, so i did a chibi color Sketch of a Wani plush, I suck at cute stuff so it looks terrible I'm sorry ;-;

Also I tried watercolors and I suck and then when I converted it to gif the colors turned out to look even worse and *dies*
But I got him to glow, I'm learning photoshop CC skilz ye (?)

Anyway I hope you like it!
Wani's design by me, He is Kenbi's UTAU~
Ura Mametchi!! by Utakoloid
Ura Mametchi!!
I did more Tamagotchi fanart, forgive me *hides*
But this time is a furry version so yaaay, The Character is Ura Mametchi, my 2nd davourite, he is sooo cute <3, and since he doesn't have an official species he is based of I just made a mix of everything cuz I can

I just did this quick color/fastlining/sketch/Idon't even know to try practice my handmade lining/shading rather than using vectors, because I suck at it and should learn how to do it ;A;

Also first picture made with my new laptop *parties*

I'm sorry if it looks bad, and I hope the bright colours don't bother too much x_x

Ura Mametchi belongs to Bandai people, furry design by me I guess~
Lining Commission by Utakoloid
Lining Commission
As the tittle says, is a lining comission I did for Dodger, I don't know if he has a dA though so I can't link D:

Anyway sorry for not being posting stuff, I've been working on otoing and university work mainly, I'm a busy man *manly tears*

Anyway, all I have to say is that I spent 4 fucking days to sketch Dodger's body, and then when I fucking finished it I realized it STILL LOOKED WRONG!! AGJLDSGJLDSFG How am I meant to do a body that's girly and manly and the same time and *dies* TTATT

Bowser just took some hours though, suprisingly considering I had never drawn something like him before, even though the face looks a bit weird, the body is bara enough (?)

Anyway art by me, Dodger by Dodger and Bowser by Nintendo ye~
Baby by Utakoloid
And this is the reason why I shouldn't draw babies

why is it so fucking creepy looking WTF, and sorry for posting traditional art, I just wanted it to stare into your soul
Yeah I have a wave of bad luck (yes, again) and certain things happened.

First of all, WALTTbitterVCV is gonna be delayed, till august the soonest, and for now, I'm having to cancel WALTTwetVCV, WALTTtalk and any upcoming VBs he could have gotten.

Why is this happening? The owners of my house left long and let my family use the house, I used to record in a noiseless room my VBs, but now the owners of the house are back, and I have nowhere to record...
I'm really depressed about this, I'm sorry, I had so many VBs I wanted to do... *cries*
I guess Waltt will be dead now unless they leave again :'(

And appart from that, regarding my art and comission, I will probably start taking a lot more to finish and upload my art, because I can't connect my two broken computers anymore.
The USB port of my laptop just broke, and the SD port of my computer broke long ago.
The problem here is that I usually do my art in both computers, since both are broken I can't do a whole art just in one, my computer doesn't open Photoshop.
And to do that I need to send the files from my computer to my laptop, and now I can't.

I usually use my computer to do most of work and my laptop to upload the pictures too, but now that I can't send files from my computer to the laptop I can't upload my stuff anymore unless I go to the library, and the library is some KMs away from where I live.

I would also need to go to the library to finish my pictures, because I would need to upload the files there and the download them to my laptop to use PS there...

ahhhh... I'm so screwed....
(Edit: Sorry for my bad english here, I hope you understand still)


Utakoloid's Profile Picture
Diego synthesizer
Artist | Student | Digital Art
I draw anime/manga and anthro/furry thingies
I'm not very good but I wish to improve UvU

I enjoy trying new things and styles, and I do comissions :3
but I'm a bit too slow ^^''

not much else to say ^^

VOCALOID stamp by DemireUTAU User Stamp by jocund-slumberHuman and Furry Equality Stamp by IxbranI Love Vocaloid Stamp by King-BlockMayus
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OMG!!!!!! Your art is so awesome!!!!!! :love: :love: I love it!!! (I love FURRY ART *--------*)
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Welcomes you to the family.
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I realy like your art La la la la
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Heeyy, dude, i finally got DA to work again for me, where were you, i sent Things like " Hi Utako" and other things to you on skype almost daily :D
I restarted my Utauloid project again(The fourth now :DDD)
Utakoloid Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I really haven't been on Skype, I mean I have but I never reply when I'm busy, so I'm sorry I didn't get to reply D:
good luck with your projects tho!
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i hope you like it ; v ; WALTT
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I'm sorry WALTT For all my SPIKE Covers DX! I Just really like his voiicceee! Don't hate me! DX!
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hi ur utau is hot

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