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blame :iconpokeluver223:

1. What is your youtube/nicovideo/soundcloud acc name?

Youtube: utakoloid Nicovideo: utakoloid too I think... I dont remember |D Soundcloud: utakoloid

2. What is your favorite genre(s) to work with?
Anything really xD

3. Japanese or Overseas FURLOIDs?
hmmmm, overseas, Japaneses ones are cuter because of the style but I dunno, not so exciting? xD

4. What are your top 6 favorite banks to use?
Wani , eXelle, Bai, Dengen, Cerif (Friends.. hahaha), Laru and Speedy 

5. Who are your top 6 favorite UTAU/FURLOID users?
:iconyuki-kain: :iconharu-shonta: :icongran678: :iconmiyusama639: :iconmania211: :icondasimsfreak: :iconthe-electric-mage:
I also like Dave's (I always mistake the username when tyiping it) videos, he makes nice PVs~~

(wait... this is not 6... oh well e_e)

6. Do you have any FURLOIDs of your own?
Also Designed Wani, Dengen, Cerif and BAI, and helped with eXelle's config xD

7. What program do you use to mix?
FL studio demo

8. What program do you use for videos?
Sony Vegas, and if it doesn't want to work WMM... |D

9. Do you have dreams of becoming a producer?
I'm already in the -P club silly (?)
jk nah, not really, I prefer doing covers and such xD

10. What is your favorite non-furry UTAU?
pfffffffffffffffffffff, this one is too hard to answer, I love a lot xD
Specially like Asane Bou, Aino Hate, Nero Go-on, Raine Reizo, Miko OOka, Makune Hachi, Eiko Taiyo, Ritsu namine, Maiko, Sasayaki-san, Hoshine Stella, Tomi Samura, Hinomoto Oniko, and probably much more |D

11. What is your least favorite non-furry UTAU?
A lot of other UTAUs, mainly copycats, terrible quality/configured/noob banks, terrible art/designed ones, some UTAUs with lots of spam.
but over the most popular ones I dislike Teto the most, her voice is too high pitched and it sounds annoying to my ears (I like how she sounds genderbended though xD)

12. Least favorite FURLOID?
Same as with the answe before xD
and in popular ones, Kemonone Row, because, I hate his voice, he sounds reaaaaaaaaaally anoying to my ears, and he is the most used one so I have to deal with him a lot xD
his voice is just too meh for me, I think he has a nice design though xD

13. How often do you use UTAU/FURLOIDs?
All the time (o_o)

14. CV, VCV or CVVC?
All of them, CVs are funner to use, VCV are easier and more realistic sounding, and CVVC have more options of edittings so I love them all~~

15. What got you into using FURLOIDs?
I had a furry character, I had cat recordings, I had to do it (?)
then WALTT appeared and got more into all the furloid stuff~~

16. First ever FURLOID you heard?
Speedy Torane

17. Did you hear of VOCALOID or UTAU first?
VOCALOID, at first I haated UTAU xD
now I love UTAU more than vocaloid |D

18. If you could meet any producer, who would it be?
Maybe Akiglancy or Kenji, they seem to be nice xD

19. What do you think of Row Kemonone?
annoying voice, nice design

20. Which is the most famous cover with one of your FURLOIDs?
Love Words I think, also Tell your world, Love words 2, Masked bitch, and Too Cute, all with Waltt xD

21. Dare FURLOID using friends to do this! spread the fun |3 
:iconyuki-kain: :icongran678: :iconmiyusama639: :iconmania211: :iconthe-electric-mage:

Don't kill me please oAo


Utakoloid's Profile Picture
Diego synthesizer
Artist | Student | Digital Art
I draw anime/manga and anthro/furry thingies
I'm not very good but I wish to improve UvU

I enjoy trying new things and styles, and I do comissions :3
but I'm a bit too slow ^^''

not much else to say ^^

VOCALOID stamp by DemireUTAU User Stamp by jocund-slumberHuman and Furry Equality Stamp by IxbranI Love Vocaloid Stamp by King-BlockMayus
Tabs Are Cool by In-The-ZoneShaymin Sky Forme Stamp by KevfinShaymin Stamp by KevfinTwo Pichus Stamp by NowellsStamps

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donate plz ;m; I'll rab chu foreva~

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UtauMagician 5 days ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
second: I used walt with okamine beat in a ERROR chorus
Third: I will send it to you, because youre so cool!!!
Utakoloid 2 days ago  Student Digital Artist
ahhhhh Thank you so much that means a lot!! <3
and I'll gladly hear it ;W;
I used Waltt's CV standard to sing 'cruel clocks' c':…

it's not done...but I just really wanted upload the wip...
Utakoloid Apr 7, 2014  Student Digital Artist
thanks for using him!
I think he sounds nice, but the resampler is a bit too muffled? I never really liked VS4U xD
i think the poor mix caused the muffledness oops, i did it again... 

i have to fix that...VS4U is finicky, but sounds good when it works...
FILTrandez Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Curious, seeing that you make music, have you ever tried making real music? (not being vocaloid or shit)
Utakoloid Mar 31, 2014  Student Digital Artist
what do you mean by real music? xD
FILTrandez Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, Spanish music since you're Spanish.. ^^;
Some cultural music would be nice. =u=
Spanish music is the best though ouo
Vocaloid? It's.. Not real music.. Kinda garbage.. ^^;
Utakoloid Mar 31, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Well, first of all, Vocaloid is obviously not music,  just a voice program, wich is used to do music of every single style out there, the J-pop/techno thing is just more known, but there are producers of every single style (sadly there are styles that don't get much attention, like opera, even if the opera vocaloids are amazing ) xD
so you can't say Vocaloid music is kinda garbage because there is more than 2000 producers out there with different styles xD

And about the Spanish music, I've been planning on doing some for a while, since all of newest Waltt VBs were meant to speak spanish too, I just haven't found time between all my projects to finish a single spanish song, since they require quite more work than anything in japanese xD
(1 Reply)
Lord-Fletchling Mar 13, 2014  New member Student General Artist
>Tries to use UTAU
>Fails miserably
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